Open in November 2014, Sumi Tei Yakiniku is the collaboration between three parties. First, Konoike-Sotus Group, a leading Japanese-Thai joint investment company specialized in temperature controlled logistics and agricultural industry. Second, The Original Farm, the operator of a famous Gyudon restaurant chain “Chounan” and the third is the team of Yakiniku legendary Chef Kumpoon, who is among the first to introduce Yakiniku restaurant in Thailand with 25+ years of experience. Our dream is to offer the best authentic Yakiniku to everyone who enjoy the finest Wagyu in the great modern atmosphere.



The Imperial Wagyu A5 represents the highest level of Japanese Wagyu beef based on an overall quality score rated on the beef marbling, fat colour, beef colour, texture and firmness. The genetic predisposition of these cattle, combined with a special feeding program, promotes an abundance of delicate, finely-dispersed intramuscular fat. This is responsible for the exceptional tender qualities of the meat and its smooth, rich, buttery flavour. Currently, we are the only Yakiniku Restaurant in Thailand that serves Imperial Wagyu A5, the same quality of Wagyu being served to Japanese Emperor in Imperial Palace.



“It is necessary to cook and serve the real and authentic taste of Imperial Wagyu A5 like in Japan”

For chef Kumpoon Supo, the above phrase is more than a philosophy. It is the only way of seeing and developing his cuisine at Sumi Tei Yakiniku Restaurant. He always sources the finest ingredients from all over Japan and carefully choose the ones that reflects the most desirable taste according the seasonal factors and crafts each dish in our Menu to represent his style and passion in Yakiniku cuisine.